Key Features

It's important to us for you to understand how our software will help you. That's why we want to make sure our information is as clear as possible. You can find below an overview to the features of Just-DONATE, but if you're looking for something more technical you can contact us.

Available everywhere

Fully integratable with Microsoft's Cloud-First offering or available as a stand alone system. You can access Just-DONATE from wherever you are and link it to your Office 365 - a flexible option to allow your staff to work from wherever they need to, or to see your data in a secure environment wherever you would like to. Pull reports in meetings, work on-site with your donors or with your cause - Just-DONATE gives you the flexibility to work better, faster and easier.

Donations, Funds & Income

Manage all of your donations, convert pledges into donations, import donations, generate a gift aid claim, hold details & attachments about grants and more, all in one system. 


The Funds function in Just-DONATE allows you to track all income, expenditure and current balance. You can set up as many funds as you like and you can ‘tag’ them as Restricted/Unrestricted/Designated etc. 

Income types in Just-DONATE come in a number of forms, including donations, grants, pledges and legacies. These have their own custom settings, for example donations allow you to account for Gift Aid, 0% VAT and Partial VAT. 


Just-DONATE allows you to manage your giving and expenditure in a number of ways, including expenses, purchases and outgoing grants. It offers practical functionality like standard purchase quotations, purchase orders, and purchase invoices. You can also monitor your grants the way you need to; under multiple different statuses such as reportable, not reportablem, not granted yet or grant given. 


Just-DONATE sets aside a whole area for you to store information about any fundraising events you do. It allows you to log multiple details of the event, the list of attendees, and generate invoices for items and packages sold at events such as tickets, donations, sponsorship etc. Filter the events by branch, region, campaign... store data from your attendees, and more. The flexibility of this software is unlimited.


Projects are part of every charity organisation and Just-DONATE allows you to track each item of income and expenditure against a project. Timesheets are available and are fully integrated into the system. You can view projects at any time to understand the cost implications in real time for that project. 


See the data you need in minutes, not hours. Save time and energy and empower your finance team by equipping them with a complete and flexible solution, tailored to give charities everything they need.  


Membership is a great way to rely on a stable source of income from your sponsors or volunteers. That's why Just-DONATE has integrated membership functions into its software. You may have several types of members, or they may be donating or volunteering different amounts each year. Manage your membership finances through Just-DONATE to see accurate records and forecasting, with easy administration and flexibility to manage your members the way you want to.

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